Backing Snowflake: Proven Leadership with the Right Technology at the Right Time

Today Redpoint portfolio company Snowflake Computing is introducing their Elastic Data Warehouse, a highly scalable data warehouse purpose-built for the cloud.  We believe the market opportunity for Snowflake to reinvent the SQL data warehouse for the cloud is enormous and transformative.

Data warehousing is a $9 billion business that is in the early days of discovering the cloud.  Our thesis is that the investment into business intelligence tools for unstructured data has overshadowed the biggest untapped void in data analytics. Snowflake is changing the game by making data warehousing accessible to everyone by designing a new data warehouse built from scratch in utilizing low cost but highly available cloud resources.

Snowflake today introduced their Elastic Data Warehouse, which brings an innovative and patent-pending architecture to convene all users, data and workloads into a single SQL data warehouse. It gives users the power of SQL data warehousing with the flexibility of big data platforms and the elasticity of the cloud—at a fraction of the cost of on-premises solutions.

Lead by seasoned executive, Bob Muglia, Snowflake’s truly impressive team that shares a vision and a mission to disrupt the inefficient ways of data warehousing.  We are impressed with the deep technology bench at Snowflake, data scientists from companies like Oracle, Microsoft, Cloudera and Google, who hold over 120 patents in databases and data processing.

To Bob and the entire Snowflake team, thank you for partnering with us and welcome to the Redpoint family!