The Twenty Minute VC with Scott Raney

I got to chat with Harry Stebbings on the 20 Minute VC Podcast. Check out the episode here. We covered a range of topics including: Why it’s good that startup funding has been down six quarters in a row, and what this means for startups trying to raise How the decision-making process works best for … Continue reading

Facebook and others think messaging as a platform is the next big thing. Are they right?

As investors in the mobile ecosystem, we are constantly working to better understand and predict how the unique aspects of the mobile computing platform will allow entrepreneurs to build new and lasting businesses across industries.  Inspired by recent industry developments and conversations we’ve been having with friends and founders creating mobile-first services, we decided to … Continue reading

When Investing In Mobile, You Need Both Method and Magic

  Mobile has become one of the most powerful technology platforms the consumer has ever experienced. These pocket-size super-computers are changing the way we live, work, and play, with always-on broadband Internet access, location, and user-aware context of delivery and predictive services.  But even more notably to me as an investor, mobile has paved the … Continue reading

Does Your Start-Up Know How to Interview?

  Knowing how to effectively interview and evaluate candidates is critical to finding the right talent,  yet most companies don’t take the time to help their teams learn this important skill.  If you don’t train your teams to properly interview candidates you can end up hurting your ability to attract rock star talent.  The good … Continue reading

Building a Strong Talent Community

Redpoint‘s reputation for supporting founding teams was the main reason I joined the firm last fall to head up Talent. My role is to work with our companies and help them build the right sized recruiting and talent programs.  I love working with our founders and finding ways both big and small to help our … Continue reading