Data Warehousing for All

At Redpoint, we’re always proud to support our portfolio companies and it’s gratifying when one receives industry recognition for its accomplishments.

In case you missed it, last week the O’Reily Strata + Hadoop Conference held its fourth annual Startup Showcase where a panel of judges picked the best data-driven startups.  The first place winner was Snowflake Computing, a company we are honored to back for its veteran team, timely vision,and killer technology.  A good recap of the conference with insights on the evolution of big data technologies can be found on Snowflake’s blog here.

More broadly, we’re excited about Snowflake because they are disrupting the status quo of the old and complicated premise-based SQL data warehousing systems and re-imagining a better way to turn data into insights. The experienced team at Snowflake, which includes data scientists from companies like Oracle, Microsoft, Cloudera and Google, observed that there hadn’t been a major advance in database technology in more than a decade. They knew that global enterprise customers needed a better way to turn their data into insights, instead of worrying about managing infrastructure.

By building a database entirely based on the cloud and bringing together all the users, data and workloads into a single place, Snowflake lets customers access their company’s data as a service so that they can better run their business. Snowflake is making data warehousing accessible to everyone by building this new model from scratch, and using low cost, but highly available cloud resources.

Technically, this is a company that’s solving hard problems with real innovation.  Personally, we know how hard they work, and we’re thrilled to see the judges at Strata take notice. Congrats to Bob Muglia and the entire team!