Luck & Investing in Curious

Every once in a while, maybe once in your career, you have the opportunity to work with a great entrepreneur/CEO in two different startups. This has now happened for me three times. Reed Hasting (Pure Software/Netflix), Satish Dharmaraj (OneBox/Zimbra) and now Justin Kitch (Homestead/Curious). So right now I am feeling pretty lucky.

It turns out that these entrepreneurs have a lot in common. They have great vision, deep technology skills, intense focus and most importantly they hire super talented management and do it in the early stages of the company. Needless to say we were excited when Justin Kitch decided to join Redpoint as an EIR and incubate a new company. After months of brainstorming, ideation, iteration and prototyping the final result was, a technology platform and marketplace for video-based lessons.

We loved the idea, the team and the size of the market. Education is being transformed globally with new online models. From graduate school programs (2u) to language instruction (Open English) and now skills-based learning (Curious) all forms of education are now re-imagined online. Curious empowers teachers with a platform that makes it easy to build/monetize lessons and a rich experience for students to learn and socially interact with other learners. This is right in the wheelhouse of the Homestead team. They are experts at making complex platforms simple, intuitive and elegant. They did it for websites and they will do it again for online education.

So congratulations to Team Curious and thanks to our amazing co-investors Bill Campbell and Jesse Rogers.