Astasia Myers


I get excited by companies where the founder is/ founders are…

Naturally inquisitive. Business models change. Markets evolve. Technology transforms. Continuous learners see the shift earlier and are faster to adapt.

Something I’ve learned along the way is…

Having empathy for the customer is fundamental when building and selling a product. Put yourself in their shoes and create something delightful for them. There is nothing like seeing your product bring joy to users.

How do you view your role with portfolio companies?

Enabler. We act as a sounding board for decisions, unlock roadblocks, and can help accelerate growth from sales to hiring.

What’s one thing people might not know about you?

Growing up I lived in houses that were always under construction. It was only when I matriculated to Stanford that I lived in a completed dorm. Growing up in a chaotic environment taught me how to focus, be flexible, and comfortable with continuous change.

What makes Redpoint unique?

Here, it is a team not an individual. Founders don’t just have one Redpoint touchpoint. They know the entire team.

People are often surprised to hear that I …

Love rap music.

What is the best trip you’ve taken and why?

I went to New Zealand and tried every adventure sport under the sun from whitewater river rafting to skydiving to bungee jumping. It’s important to push your limits and remind yourself you can do more than you ever expected.

What was your favorite concert experience?

I was at an Afrojack concert in the desert and Rae Sremmurd did a surprise guest appearance in which they performed below fireworks.

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