Jamin Ball

Vice President

What is your favorite part about working with portfolio companies/entrepreneurs?

No two companies are created equal. Every company and entrepreneur provides a unique experience to learn and grow from.

What defines an interesting market?

I love markets or industries that are bogged down by repetitive manual labor. These provide a perfect opportunity to outsource and automate this work with software in a scalable way.

I get excited by companies where the founder is...

Thinking big but staying focused. I love when founders maniacally obsess over nailing their initial core product before building out the product suite into adjacent areas or markets. The founders who can do this, while simultaneously maintaining a big picture view of their roadmap and where they can take the company, get me the most excited

How did your family shape your views on work?

I’m incredibly passionate about serving entrepreneurs and playing a role in company creation. However, this doesn’t need to come at the expense of family time. It’s possible to be incredibly engaged and hard working while maintaining a healthy home environment. This is particularly important as my wife and I start raising our new baby girl Harper!

Favorite quote or saying?

It’s overquoted, but I’ve tried to apply it to so many aspects of my life:

Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.
- Wayne Gretzky

What is your favorite hobby/outside of venture, how do you spend your time?

Fantasy Football – let’s chat about our favorite sleepers / busts for this upcoming season!

Why’d you join Redpoint?

I joined because of the people and the philosophy. The team takes a very hands-on approach to our partnerships. We want to be as involved in the company-building process as possible, and avoid only checking in at board meetings. I loved this active approach! I’m also lucky enough to work with some of my closest friends. I know my Redpoint family will be involved in my life for a long time!

Why did you choose to be a venture capitalist?

Every day I get to work with people smarter than I am, people who have dedicated their lives to their passions. The ability to constantly learn from these individuals makes every day stimulating and exciting.

Favorite Twitter handle?

VC Related: @prayingforexits
General: @kookslams

What is the best trip you’ve taken and why?

A quick weekend trip up to Nick’s Cove in Tomales Bay (about a 2-hour drive north of San Francisco) will always be the best trip I’ve ever taken – it’s where I got engaged to my wife Kelly!

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