Founders and Partners Emeritus
20 Years In:

While much has changed over the past two decades in technology and what it enables us to do in the world, most at Redpoint has remained constant. We’re as committed as ever to our shared values; believe our strength lies in the team, not the individual; and pride ourselves on being partners in the founder’s journey.

We’ve been there before, and we now firsthand what it takes, from building Redpoint from scratch to working as founders and operators ourselves. We bring that experience and insight to bear on behalf of our founders to help our companies succeed.

We know entrepreneurs have their choice of great firms to work with, so we are grateful to have the opportunity to partner with so many throughout their journeys.

We’re based in the Bay Area with offices in Menlo Park and San Francisco, but we look for great entrepreneurs building category-defining businesses around the world.

How we got our start:

Back in 1999, partners from two venture capital firms, IVP and Brentwood, came together to build a tech-focused venture investing firm that put team first and did things a bit differently. We called it Redpoint Ventures, a nod to the climbing term “redpointing,” a technical climbing term referring to planning an ascent.

We raised $600 million to deploy into promising technology startups and visionary founders—at the time, it was the biggest first-time fund raised by a new firm, a reflection of our entrepreneurial ambition and broader support—and we were off to the races.

Two decades in, that first fund helped manifest our vision around the kind of community we think venture investing and advising should be. Today, the Redpoint team has funded more than 500 businesses, raised $5.7 billion of capital, and worked with some of the most exceptional founders from the earliest stages of their journey.