Redpoint Invests in Twilio

As you may have heard, Redpoint has invested in Twilio. We have been admirers of the company for some time and are thrilled to welcome them to the portfolio.

By building an incredibly powerful and easy to use communications API platform with a disruptive business model, hundreds of thousands of developers have leveraged Twilio to build powerful cloud communication solutions. It is highly likely that all of you – at some point – have received a text or placed a call powered by Twilio. Twilio’s customers focus on what differentiates their own service, not having to concern themselves with scaling telephony infrastructure, investing in expensive hardware and managing complicated relationships with service providers.

Twilio is also a part of a broader trend towards services and APIs catering directly to developers. At Redpoint, we believe in the power of the developer in both early stage companies and large enterprises. More and more, developers are making critical decisions regarding the nature of the products they are building. Like Redpoint’s earlier investments in Heroku and Stripe, Twilio is at the forefront of this movement, and we can’t wait to watch what they will continue to do.

We are thrilled to welcome Jeff Lawson and the entire Twilio team to the Redpoint family and look forward to working together for years to come.