We are pleased to announce that Romero Rodrigues has joined Redpoint eventures as a new Managing Director. Romero is the “poster child” for the Brazilian Internet entrepreneur as an economic force. He is an inspiration for why we originally co-founded the fund– to discover, nurture and steadily grow alongside Brazil’s best and brightest entrepreneurial startup founders.

Redpoint eventures was conceived as the first early-stage VC firm with a Silicon Valley connection – inspired by young, bold entrepreneurs like Romero who see the big opportunities, have a steady vision, and possess a powerful and joyful drive to make it a reality.

Romero’s depth of experience and great achievements at a young age are remarkable. His market knowledge, business know-how, and marketing savvy will serve and motivate our portfolio company leaders. Although his story is similar to scores of founders’ stories in Silicon Valley, it is, for the moment, less common in Brazil. Along with four friends from college, Romero and his team launched and built Buscapé Company, an ecommerce price comparison portal, from concept to an Internet powerhouse in just 10 years. During that time, Buscapé made 20+ acquisitions in various segments, from payments to classifieds, continuously building value for investors and employees.

The purchase of Buscapé by Naspers for $374 million in 2009 represents one of the largest Brazilian Internet exits and beckoned in the enthusiasm and initiation of a venture capital ecosystem in Brazil. After the Naspers’ acquisition, Romero continued to build value and deepen his experience — which will now become a meaningful asset for our fund and portfolio companies. As global CEO of Naspers Comparison Shopping, he led its ascension to a world leader in its category, with expansion into more than 20 emerging markets.

As an active angel investor, Romero has invested in 25 startups in Brazil, South Africa, the U.K. and U.S. He currently serves on the boards of Movile, Neogrid, TOTVS, ViajaNet and Wayfair. Romero also dedicates his time as a mentor and board member of Endeavor, a global NGO that leads the high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world.

I can think of no other person to better fill this role of new partner at Redpoint eventures. His seasoned leadership, experience and knowledge, and iconic role in the history of the Brazilian Internet are unmatched. We have tremendous faith in his ability to catalyze growth, build long-term value, and positively impact the best and brightest entrepreneurial companies that we work with – and to foster and accelerate the overall strength of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Brazil, and beyond.

Welcome Romero Rodrigues!